Old West Spars with New West

the second novel of a planned trilogy set in a decade fraught with greed, casual sex and drugs as ranchers strove to protect their land and retain their senior water rights as ski developers moved into the Rocky Mountain towns. The novel’s cover is cropped from Kathryn Tatum’s oil painting “Roof Top of the World.”

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Kathryn Tatum cover artist TELLURIDE TOP OF THE WORLD

Kathryn Tatum the wife of author Tom Tatum has been painting pictures since she first drew on her bedroom walls at 5 years old. Her works included album covers, rock music concert posters, dance posters, logos and book covers. In 1998 she became a full time oil painter in Telluride Colorado with her own studio gallery on Colorado Ave.

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Western US Water Rights

In my novel TELLURIDE TOP OF THE WORLD Cooper Stuart fights to defend his ranch, the YbarC’s vast senior water rights from the Ajax Ski Company and other development groups. What does that really mean in law and real life ranching and farming west of the Mississippi River and especially in the South Western USA’s Four Corners area.

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In chapter fifty eight HOT TREES in my novel TELLURIDE TOP OF THE WORLD Cooper Stuart the under siege protagonist and owner of the historically powerful YbarC ranch helps save the nearby town of Telluride Colorado from an out of control wildfire in 1980.

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About The Author

Author, TV & Film Producer/Director, Conservation Advocate, Scholar, Husband, and Father. A veteran of the entertainment business, Tom Tatum’s newest book, Telluride-Top of the World, is the much-anticipated sequel to Fiji 1970. As an accomplished film and TV producer, Tatum’s work has been seen by a worldwide audience and includes notable titles like Double High, Winners Take All and Greenpeace’s Greatest Hits. When not running Ute Peak Solar, Inc., roping and riding on his Ute Peak Ranch in New Mexico or spending time with his beloved wife, Kathryn, he can be found skiing the “white gold” on the vast slopes of Telluride.


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