Kathryn Tatum - Artist and wife of author Tom Tatum

Kathryn Tatum – Artist

Kathryn Tatum the wife of author Tom Tatum has been painting pictures since she first drew on her bedroom walls at 5 years old. After a journey thru the Art Students League in New York City and the Art Institute of Boston she became a graphic artist in Boston and then New York City. Her works included album covers, rock music concert posters, dance posters, logos and book covers. In 1998 she became a full time oil painter in Telluride Colorado with her own studio gallery on Colorado Ave.

Kathryn ski raced in high school, trained with the US Ski team, and raced again at New England College after art school. She developed a deep love for snow covered mountains in the US and Europe. Many of her landscape paintings are of the mountains around Telluride Colorado. So I asked her to incorporate her painting Roof Top Of the World, which was first exhibited at the Telluride Directors Cup, a fundraiser for the US Ski Team, into the cover design of my novel TELLURIDE TOP OF THE WORLD.

Her oil painting conveys the real life emotion of being on a snow-covered mountain top and skiing down into the town of Telluride. It conveys the vastness of the above tree line 14,000-foot peaks around Telluride. It creates the natural awe Cooper, Joe Bear Spirit, Sue, Adrianna, and Judy, the novel main characters, feel in and around Telluride, which is the story’s center in Four Corners. These mountains have inspired great novels, art, films and athletics over the eons. They are tough, unforgiving, fatally beautiful, and sensual in every way. They give Cooper and his crew the emotion and strength to survive the twists and turns of life.

Kathryn’s mountain paintings, whether in oil or her new media art done in water based media with LED lights or fiber optic light panels backing them, celebrate the rooftop of the world. Her web site is: www.kathryntatum.com and her next group art show is the Rio Costilla Studio Tour September 8 and 9 in Jaroso Colorado/Northern Taos County New Mexico. Her work is shown in Slate Grey Gallery on Colorado Blvd in Telluride Colorado and Untitled Annex on Kit Carson Road in Taos New Mexico. Her work will also be in the Taos Open art show September 21 thru Sept 30, 2018.



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